Denver must value every individual, every neighborhood and every business, taking strides to make day-to-day life easier for everybody no matter where you live or what your job is:

  • Accessible Housing- Denver has a shortage of accessible housing across the board for our teachers, fire fighters, and hourly workers. Creating opportunities for all people to move toward home ownership is critical for a city to grow with a strong foundation.

  • Transportation and Mobility- Making it easier to traverse Denver is not only a quality of life concern, it’s an economic one. We are committed to diversifying modes of transit holistically, providing a balanced and equitable mobility ecosystem that favors transit, bicycle and pedestrians while appropriately serving vehicular access.

  • Safe neighborhoods – Ensuring every neighborhood is safe for children, families and both young and older adults. Increased police training for responding to incidents involving young adults as well as individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. Increased community policing and involvement.

  • Healthy Environment – Denver is known for our beautiful environment, great parks and sunny days. As a city we should be leading the country in building a sustainable environment leading the way for business and individuals to follow. Cleaning up our city lakes and rivers so that they can be enjoyed by everyone as well as creating a healthy environment for birds and wildlife.