Frequently Asked Questions


Do you support Safe Injection Sites?

I do not support Safe Injection sites. No city across America, including Denver, has been untouched by the opioid epidemic and by the devastating losses experienced by those dealing with substance use disorder. However I believe that a more comprehensive approach to addressing this issue - one that deploys multidisciplinary treatment and support - is required.

Do you support the Right to Survive initiative?

I do not to support the Right to Survive initiative. While I’m a passionate advocate of efforts to end homelessness, I do not believe this initiative helps to solve this complicated issue.

Do you support conversion therapy?

I do not support conversion therapy, nor would I ever support public funds being used for it. Humans need love and care and support to be the best versions of their unique and diverse selves.

Do you support increasing the minimum wage to $15/hour at DEN?

Yes. We must pay our employees a living wage to help close the gap between wages and cost of living in Denver.

Do you support the Let Denver Vote ballot initiative?

Yes. I believe that allowing the citizens to pass a ballot measure to allow them future input on any municipal investment in bringing the Olympics to Denver is important. 

Where do you stand on abortion?

I am pro-choice and feel strongly a woman should have rights to decisions regarding her body.

Where do you stand on Ban the Box?

I support efforts to Ban the Box, ending discrimination against people with conviction and incarceration histories, primarily in the areas of hiring and housing policy.

Do you support the I-70 project?

I do not support the I-70 project as it is being constructed. I supported the Denver plan, which would have re-routed the highway to I-270 and I-76. This would have allowed for the reconnecting of historically disadvantaged neighborhoods in Denver. If elected, I will continue to advocate for an improved solution, and hold the city, CDOT and all partners accountable to do right by Denver’s citizens.