Now more than ever it is critical for our leaders to bring personal and professional ethics and integrity into their lives and to city government. As a public servant I will follow the same creed I have followed as a community leader:

  • To work for the benefit of the whole and not to enrich myself personally;

  • To create a big tent where there is opportunity for success for all and not just the select few;

  • To eliminate pay for play. An open process must become the normal way of doing business on any job or project where outside contractors are needed. City government should set the example for business and the community;

  • To empower city employees to do the work now being done by outside consultants. Too much work is outsourced to consultants when city staff is well qualified to get the job done. Using our own employees increases transparency and accountability and stimulates our economy by keeping those dollars in the city;

  • To work for all the people of our city and ensure their interests are always represented.

To be a good leader, one must have both personal and professional ethics. I learned this as a child and it has served me well as an adult. Accountability, transparency, compassion and inclusion have been part of my personal and professional life. I have not been a politician but I will not compromise ethical city leadership. Accountability, transparency, compassion and inclusion must be part of ethical city leadership.