A Reimagined City of Denver Government

“Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us.”

- Franklin D. Roosevelt


Denver’s Mayor sets the tone for how the City operates. Their approach to leadership guides how the city’s nearly 15,000 employees work for you. As our highest elected official, they also have the power to appoint the leadership of every major city department and set our municipal budget. So how would things look if the mayor used all their power and leadership to work for the people, first? I believe it’s time for us to bridge the gap between people and the city, to provide authentic citizen engagement, to open up the city’s doors to the people and implement public involvement into every city process from budget-setting to planning and zoning. And I feel, strongly, that we need to fight for a leader who is ethical and who can bring a culture of transparency and accountability back to city hall.


To learn more about my ideas to introduce a reimagined City of Denver government, please check back soon.