As a city, Denver has tremendous opportunity to become a truly livable, high quality of life city - one in which all Denver residents share in its prosperity. To make sure this happens, city government needs to be reimagined and reshaped, so it is a partner in Denver’s future. City government will share authority with the residents it serves and will collaborate with civic groups, neighborhood groups and business groups as well as individual Denver citizens so we can all do together the things that we cannot do alone.

I believe Denver deserves better from its government. And I know government can deliver with strong leadership. We have a revolutionary idea: that city government is helpful and efficient. That it is forward-thinking and proactive. That it is an ally, whose future is as bright as the city’s.

From the smallest things, like not sitting on hold on the phone on 311 or being greeted with a smile when you enter an office. We want government to respond to individual needs. We also want to improve more complex services, be it supporting small business innovation with less regulation and more access to resources or supporting quality of life requirements by creating more green and open spaces, safer streets, easier transportation, and cleaner air and water.

We believe that government is necessary to do those things we cannot do as individuals. And Denver deserves the best service available from its government. When we see our tax dollars getting results, when we see the government working for the entire city and not just some, government is doing its job. As mayor, I commit to:

Setting the tone for how the city operates
○ Positivity - the city wants every citizen to succeed
○ Problem-solving perspective - let’s work for solutions
○ Culture of accountability
○ Transparent code of ethics

Bridging the gap between the people and the city (government)
○ Neighborhood-based planning and engagement offices
○ Empowering city employees to be more responsive to resident needs
○ Asking for citizen feedback--and for help implementing changes

Hiring and empowering talented people
○ Setting high expectations for city work
○ Maintaining standards of accountability
○ Establishing norms for customer service and feedback
○ Freeing individual employees to use their skills and talents and be the experts they are
○ Rewarding problem solving, efficiency upgrades

Creating a culture where neighborhoods feel mayor and council sees them, hears them, represents them
○ Mayor works with council
○ Healthy, productive, responsive communications loop
○ Neighborhood representation throughout the government

Holding open office hours
○ Access to the mayor for the public via many platforms (with guaranteed response/feedback)
○ Monthly office hours for employees

Maintaining high standards for ethics
○ City government is held to higher standards
○ The chief public servant’s office will serve the public
○ Missteps are owned and addressed quickly, frankly and honestly

Making transparency the default mode
○ Culture of transparency, accountability - more communication, not less and clear communication not government-speak
○ People need to know how decisions are made
○ Policy of no more than 24-48 hours for public feedback
○ Always up to date city website

Encouraging and supporting innovation
○ Establishing chief innovation office
○ Review of existing technology and IT systems
■Ensure the system is current and capable of handling government needs
■Research best practices/systems in comparable municipalities
■Upgrade tech and training where necessary to optimize efficiencies
■Give employees the tools and skills they need to do their jobs better
○ Incentivize and encourage bold thinking among city employees
○ Reward improvements in efficiency