Denver’s rich and vibrant diversity certainly extends to age and ability-diversity. We are lucky to have strong, creative, and talented people across all ages and abilities. And, we know that every generation has valuable ideas and perspectives: we learn as much from millennial tech wizards as we can from our experienced elders. Every perspective is important, and they all contribute to the larger identity of the Mile High City.

Colorado is the 7th fastest growing state in the country, adding more than 80,000 new residents just last year--a significant portion of those landed in Denver. Our new neighbors are young people starting out, retirees, and families, with children young and old. And while Colorado used to be among the youngest states in the country, that’s changing, too. The Colorado State Demography Office predicts that by 2030, which is not that far away, the 65-and-older population will increase by 77%. While lots of national rankings have Colorado among the best places for retirees, this will still represent a challenge for Denver and Colorado generally. We’ve got to develop a city that speaks to everyone’s needs.

We want to maintain that rich mix of personality and points of view as we move into the future. We value the presence of children, of seniors, of immigrants, of multi-generational families, of those with disabilities, and those without, veterans of past and current conflicts, of those who speak many languages, and those who speak one.  As mayor, I will commit to:

●      Children

○      Every child in Denver being given the chance to be healthy
○      Every child in Denver being given the highest quality education, from early childhood through high school and beyond

●      Families and neighborhoods

○      Every neighborhood having affordable homes
○      Everyone who needs it having access to paid family leave--starting with all city employees
○      Everyone having access to reliable, affordable healthcare--starting with city employees
○      Everyone guaranteed at least a living, minimum wage-- starting with all city employees

●      Immigrants

○      Supporting Denver’s Public Safety Enforcement Priorities Ordinance and helping our immigrant communities find pathways to quality lives in Denver and to citizenship
○      Welcome immigrants as contributors to our economy and as entrepreneurs

●      Veterans

○      Ensure access to healthcare and education
○      Support job skills training and retraining
○      Support efforts in starting new businesses (tax relief, access to capital, etc.)
○      Take special care to protect our veterans struggling with homelessness

●      Disabled and not Disabled

○      Ensure up-to-date infrastructure
○      Ensure ADA compliance and create a new team in the city focused on accessibility planning throughout every department -- and beyond (ensure a pleasant and quality life, with ease of movement, transport, access and the like)
○      Ensure our resources are actually getting to the families and individuals that need them, not to more organizations that use those funds to cover administrative expenses

●      Elderly

○      Ensuring our elderly populations can age in place through efforts to build community and access services, and affordable housing and care options
○      Build bridges between generations, helping to ensure our aging populations are connected with the people of Denver
○      Easy access to reliable and comprehensive transportation