100 Day Plan

Denver is ready for a new generation of leadership, one focused on quality of life, innovation, ethics and inclusiveness. As Mayor, I will start strong with a 100 Day Plan to address the issues facing our city, from transportation and affordable and attainable housing, to the environment and supportive solutions for our homeless population. We can do better as a city with the vision and the courage to make bold decisions and implement real strategies that benefit our Denver community. This plan is about rapid and effective action.

End Runaway Development + Engage Community

  • Amend our zoning code. We will manage our development as a community. We will direct density where it is appropriate and tie it to transit planning, address the building form and design, and amend the re-zoning process to put the city’s future in the hands of community, not developers.

  • Move Denver’s planning offices to council districts and neighborhoods. Staff will be designated to areas of the city to work with communities and neighborhoods and locally address challenges and opportunities. Create communication tools to stay in constant contact with the community.

  • Amend the 2040 Comprehensive Plan (Denveright), approved 4/22/19 to specifically address zoning, sustainability, and water, while establishing a priority plan and timeline.

  • Establish a moratorium on use of park space for development.

Get Attainable Housing Built

  • Appoint a Director of Housing to a cabinet level position who will report directly to the Mayor. The director will review all housing programs and funds, and set clear goals to tackle affordable and attainable housing at every level.

  • Waive permit fees and provide expedited permitting for permanently affordable projects.

  • Take inventory of public holdings throughout the city to leverage billions in assets into large scale moves for working class housing in the urban core.

  • Place a moratorium on the sale of public assets for private market rate development.

  • Focus resources on buying back the existing inventory of deed restricted units before their affordability requirements expire and they turn to market-rate units. The City has the right of first refusal on all existing deed-restricted units which should not be allowed to hit the market for full price.

  • Provide comprehensive down payment assistance for teachers, city employees, healthcare workers and others in the “Missing Middle” so that they can live in the city where they work.

  • Convene the leaders of our neighboring municipalities to create a regional affordable housing coalition.

  • Assemble private sector developers in the affordable housing field to determine how we can work together to advance a variety of affordable products throughout Denver. Currently, 95% of our affordable housing is developed by non-profit agencies, much of it rental. We need to work beyond that arena to develop more projects, ownership products and more affordable housing stock city-wide.

Deliver Urban Transit + Mobility

  • Turn the Denver Department of Transportation into a functioning entity specifically focused on implementing a connected network for transit, beginning with appointing a Director of Transportation and staff with a high level of transit experience and commitment.

  • Create an expedited timeline - utilizing community input - to deliver an intra-city transit system, with an emphasis on utilizing streetcar where feasible. Identify transit line priorities, financing and implementation timeframe.

  • Commission design, engineering and preliminary cost to build the intra-city transit network starting with major arterials on which the original city streetcar network was built: Colfax, Broadway, Federal and 38th.

  • Accelerate the deployment of a connected, protected bike lane network across the city where it makes sense and best serves us.

  • Implement the pedestrian safety plan, starting with redesigning our deadliest intersections including S. Federal at Evans, W. Alameda at S. Santa Fe, S. Quebec at Leetsdale, and S. Monaco at E. Alameda. Amend policy to prioritize pedestrian safety investments like crosswalks and pedestrian signals everywhere, rather than waiting for injury rates to warrant them.

  • Establish standards for the investment of public dollars in our streets and transit-ways, ensuring thoughtful multi-modal design and greenspace as well as sustainable storm-water infrastructure as part of standard street profiles.

Address Homelessness

  • End the sweeps and work with the City Council to replace the Urban Camping Ban with effective solutions. It is our responsibility to get people to housing and services. These do neither.  

  • Build 100 tiny homes and deploy other immediate temporary facilities to provide safe spaces for people to be housed and stabilized with bathrooms, showers, laundry, storage and services to address their needs.

  • Deploy trash cans and temporary bathrooms around homeless shelters and facilities.

  • Expand the Denver Day Works program which provides day-work and job counseling to those experiencing homelessness with the goal of moving them to permanent employment and housing.

  • Break down silos in service delivery and bring together mental health and addiction services providers (nonprofits) to identify gaps in services and funding and to work together to deploy a plan for the mental health fund.

  • Bring together neighboring mayors and city councils to ensure we are all working together to tackle homelessness on the Front Range.

Prioritize Our Environment

  • Finalize a strategy to invest the recently passed Denver Parks Sales Tax (generating upwards of $40 million per year) to protect and grow our parks,  open space and tree canopy

  • Direct the City Attorney’s office to work with all appropriate government agencies to enforce environmental laws against the biggest polluters in our city and region, including Suncor.

  • Immediately add recycling receptacles – and composting where possible – to all parks and city facilities.

  • Take steps to restore key provisions of the citizen-approved Green Roof Initiative.

  • Implement a requirement that every new public street project includes bioswales and green stormwater retention/treatment to ensure that clean stormwater goes into our river.

  • Incentivize the participation of apartments and commercial buildings in recycling and composting efforts by providing incentives to take part in it.

  • Place a moratorium on fracking around residential areas.

A New, Transparent and Accountable Government

  • Remove paid lobbyists and special interests from city boards that are responsible for awarding contracts.

  • Commit to a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment from city employees and pass legislation that prohibits city funds from being used to pay off sexual harassment settlements.

  • Launch a system for anonymous reporting and true independent follow up of sexual harassment complaints that covers elected officials as well as appointees.

  • Eliminate the use of public funds to pay for first-class airplane tickets.